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Shaving it off!!

Why? I hear you say

Rathpeacon Logl.jpeg
We want to raise funds for two great causes,
Marymount Hospice & 
Blarney Meals on Wheels 

On a recent Pint-cast with the fantastic O'Neill family, the topic of Donal's hair was raised. We were divided on whether he looked like a young Paul McCartney or Elvis from Fireman Sam. Since we published the O'Neill Pint-cast, the topic of Donal's mop has grown legs, arms and everything in between, so much so that the O'Neill brothers and the Pint-cast crew have agreed that, if we raise €5,000 for two really greats causes, Blarney Meals on Wheels & Marymount Hospice, once our barber shops reopen, we'll shave off our ever lengthening thatch. This is no mean feat as some of us are at a point whereby, if we shave it off, it may never grow back!! So dig deep and make sure that these fine men lose their mops for really great causes.

The boys shaving it off for Blarney Meals on Wheels & Marymount Hospice

Why not join the Pint-cast crew and shave it off for Meals on Wheels & Marymount Hospice

Are you game ball to join the Pint-cast team and shave it off for Marymount?? If so send your details to along with a photo of your current mop. We'll post it on our site and lets start fund raising for a really good cause.

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